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CASE STUDY: Intensive Nutritional Intervention in a Frail, Elderly Patient

David Gray, Senior Specialist Dietitian at Guy’s and St Thomas’…

Case Study - Post-Pyloric feeding in gastroparesis: the role of high protein enteral feeds

Michelle Barry, Specialist Home Enteral Feeding Dietitian

There are several…

Available 1st March: 3 New Fortisip 2kcal Flavours

Help support your patients recovery with three tasty new flavours…

Nutricia Care 5th Annual Symposium

This event was held in March and only open to Nutricia Care registered nursing homes.  The meeting was an interactive forum where speakers shared their experience and strategies for supporting a holistic approach to care for nursing home staff and their residents. This means ensuring an all round approach to care for everyone, considering mental, physical and social factors. Key areas of focus included restrictive practice, frailty, building resilience and the management of medicines.

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Dietary Protein Intake Muscle Function in Older Adults workshop
Dysphagia Training, Chef Niamh Condon
Medicines Management Nursing Matters workshop
Nutrition focus team in NH. Marco Gasparoli workshop
Restrictive Practice Guidance DCD
Role of Nutritional care in Falls Hip Fractures, Katy Sorensen
Science of bouncibility, Shane Martin
SKKIN Bundle assessment workshop


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