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Nutricia Homeward

Nutricia’s Homeward service helps patients and carers

The Nutricia Homeward service supports hundreds of patients across Ireland who receive tube feeding at home or in residential care.

We understand the difficulties which patients and their carers face, and we are dedicated to providing the best support we can to help patients manage their nutritional treatment.

Nutricia Homeward Nursing Team

Our nationwide team of Nutricia Homeward nurses provide support and pump training for enterally fed patients and their families. We also help healthcare professionals to provide the best possible nutritional care for their patients in many different settings. This includes training on the use of pump for tube feeding, provided in hospital or at home and post training follow-up to ensure tube feeding is running smoothly.

Free pump maintenance and repair

  • Free pump return and replacement if needed for pumps to be returned to Nutricia Homeward either for service, repair or because they are no longer needed by the patient.

  • We also provide an emergency pump delivery service at weekends and public holidays.

Pump and accessories provided on loan free of charge

  • Supply of a feeding pump and a drip stand on loan and free of charge.

  • Provision of accessories such as carry packs for mobile patients where appropriate.

Our Nutricia Homeward Nursing team completed over 700 pump trainings in 2017*

Advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Support on discharge from hospital

  • We provide 5 days supply of feed and giving sets free of charge on discharge from hospital.

  • We supply a range of patient support materials which offer advice and information on tube feeding.

Patient Holiday Support

  • Support literature for patients travelling abroad on holidays.

  • Provision of free advice on how to transport feed and devices.

24 hour Freephone Helpline and Email

  • The Nutricia Homeward Freephone helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 1800 22 1800.