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XP Maxamaid


XP Maxamaid is a phenylalanine free drink mix containing a balanced mix of the other essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Available in unflavoured and orange flavour.

Indications and Prescribability

For the dietary management of proven phenylketonuria (PKU) in children aged 1 - 8 years. Not intended for use in infants under the age of one year.

Preparation & Administration

Paste the prescribed amount of XP Maxamaid with a small amount of water. Gradually stir in the remaining water until the required volume is achieved. Initially, a 1 to 7 dilution is recommended (i.e. 100g Maxamaid plus 700mls water) with the concentration increasing to 1 to 5 (i.e. 100g Maxamaid plus 500mls water), with increasing tolerance. These dilutions are guidelines only, XP Maxamaid can be taken as a more concentrated drink or paste, however, water or diluted drinks should also be taken to counteract high osmolality. XP Maxamid (unflavoured) may be flavoured with a separate flavouring from the SHS/Nutricia flavour range. Best served chilled.

Product Storage

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened use within one month. Always replace container lid after use. Once reconstituted, store in a refrigerator and use within 24 hours. Stir prior to use.