Edel Duffy - Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian

I joined Nutricia in January 2007 as a Dietitian in the Medical Department. Initially, I was not really sure what the job would entail but I knew I was looking for something a little different.

I had just completed a PhD and had previously worked in clinical practice so I wanted the best of both worlds - the practicalities of clinical nutrition and the chance to be at the helm of developments in nutrition.

When I joined, there were 4 other Dietitians working in the Medical Department. It was great to have their support to make the transition to an industry Dietitian an easy one (we now have 5 Dietitians and are growing all the time).

What I really like about the job is that there is lots of variety; one day I could be presenting to healthcare professionals, the next working with the marketing department on a new campaign or the next working with our global teams to develop new products.

I have been with Nutricia for three years now and the time has flown by; I am sure the next three will be just as eventful!

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