Neocate LCP: from birth

What is Neocate LCP?

Neocate LCP is an amino acid-based, hypoallergenic formula designed for infants with Cow’s Milk Allergy. It is prescribed for the dietary management of Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA), Multiple Food Protein Allergies (MFPA) and other conditions that require an Amino Acid-based Formula (AAF).

Neocate LCP does not contain any cow’s milk protein, so eliminates the possibility of a reaction in babies allergic to this protein. It is manufactured in a cow’s milk- free environment and packaged in a protective atmosphere to provide a high quality product.

Neocate LCP can meet your baby’s complete nutritional requirements.

Using Neocate LCP for the first time

Your baby may take some time adjusting to Neocate LCP but don’t worry

Neocate LCP tastes and appears different to other baby formula. You may also notice a unique smell when you first open the tin or sachet.

Don’t be tempted to add extra product if it appears less ‘milky’ than other formula. Difficulties in starting on Neocate LCP may be due to your baby having learnt to associate feeding with unpleasant symptoms, rather than being directly related to the product itself.

Poo and stuff

Your baby’s response to Neocate LCP

All babies are different, so yours may show some, all or none of the possible reactions below.

  • Poo may be greenish in colour and often quite dark though not black (if you think the stools are black, you must contact a doctor). Darker poo is normal and is due to the special composition of Neocate LCP and the way it is digested.
  • Your baby may have more wind at first. This is normal and should settle.
  • The way Neocate LCP is digested means there is very little waste, so bowel movements can decrease in frequency once you switch to Neocate LCP. As long as stools aren’t overly hard and dry, and your baby isn’t having trouble passing them, this is normal.

Your baby may have a bigger appetite and start taking larger amounts of Neocate LCP once their symptoms have resolved. This is to be expected, especially if your baby is underweight for their age.

Preparation guidelines

When preparing Neocate LCP for your little one, please follow the guidelines on the tin. Although, always follow any specialist guidance that your Healthcare Professional gives you as they will make recommendations on your baby’s individual requirements.

Don’t alter the recipe unless your Healthcare Professional advises you to.

Your doctor or dietitian should also tell you the appropriate amount of Neocate LCP to give your child.

Guide to the average amount of formula to give your baby from 0 – 12 months:

Approx. age of babyApprox. weight of babyLevel scoops of NeocateCooled boiled water (ml)Number of feeds in 24 hrs
Birth3.5 kg3906-7
2 weeks4 kg41206
2 months5.5 kg51505-6
3 months6 kg61805
5 months7.5 kg72104-5
7 months8.5 kg72104
10 months9 kg84204

Your baby may need more or less than the amounts suggested, based on advice from your Healthcare Professional.

Safe preparation

Here’s the need to know info

  • Before starting preparation, make sure that your hands and all your utensils (such as bottles, steriliser and teats) are thoroughly washed and sterilised. Ideally these utensils should be used for no other purpose than feeding your infant Neocate LCP.
  • Always use the measuring scoop provided inside the tin. This may slip into the powder, but can easily be retrieved using a clean, dry knife. Do not use your hand.
  • Powdered formula is not sterile. Freshly mixed formula is best, so formula should only be prepared for immediate feeding.
  • Shake or stir formula immediately before use.
  • Formula should not be warmed longer than 15 minutes prior to feeding.
  • Do not boil formula and do not use a microwave oven to prepare or warm formula as this may affect the vitamin and mineral content, and delivery of the product. 
  • Discard any formula that remains in the bottle one hour after feeding.
  • Don’t re-warm formula during feeding as this can cause nutrient loss and affect taste.

If in any doubt, contact your baby’s doctor or dietitian for advice.

Neocate LCP is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of Cow’s Milk Allergy, Multiple Food Protein Allergies and other conditions requiring an amino acid-based formula, and must be used under medical supervision.