Cost of living and Winter season advice

We know there are lots of worries and concerns about the rising costs of energy and it's important to try to find ways to save where we can, reducing any unnecessary spend. Also, with Winter fast approaching, we need to be prepared whatever the weather.

It is essential that you continue to follow the advice from your dietitian.

Using a feeding pump 

  • The Flocare Infinity feeding pumps have a battery that should last for 24 hours when fully charged, and will take 4-6 hours to charge
  • Make sure your pump is fully charged each day. It isn't necessary to have your pump plugged in all the time as this will cost more, but it is important - in case of power cuts - to make sure your pump is always ready to use.
    Remember... Charge, Use, Fully Charge, Unplug
  • It's essential that you only use the charger that has been designed for use with the Flocare Infinity feeding pumps
  • Make sure you have the right amount of enteral feeding supplies in case of severe weather conditions - contact your usual provider if you do not have a supply of buffer stock. 
  • Please speak to your managing healthcare professional at your next review to find out if it would be safe for you to consider alternative feeding methods, in case there is a time when you are unable to use your feeding pump.
Flocare Infinity II pump

Nutricia Homeward 24 hour support line: ROI 1800 22 1800 / NI 0800 169 5173

Did you know...

The Flocare Infinity feeding pumps use a very small amount of power - only 0.0076kwh (kilowatts per hour) to become fully charged, far less than normal household items, such as the examples below:

cost of living crisis kwh comparisons

Useful information

Priority Services or Special service customers:

Energy suppliers provide additional support services to vulnerable, priority or special services customers who are critcially dependent on electrically powered devices for independent living or medical equipments. Also, if customers are particularly vulnerable to disconnection during winter months reasons of advanced age or physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health. 

To register for the vulneralable, prioritiy or special services please find your energy supplier below and fill out the required form or contact via email.

Worried about paying energy bills:

If you are worried about the rising costs or your ability to pay, it would be worth speaking to your energy supplier as soon as you can.

More detailed advice can be found on the Citizens Advice website.

Meet Up, Warm Up, Charge Up:

During emergency situations your local council and community may be offering local support. They may offer you the chance to charge your feeding pump in locations such as village halls and community centres, if necessary.

Visit your local council website to find out more information.

Personal power pack supply:

We know people use portable power packs when travelling or camping and it might be something you already have. Make sure you do your research to find out what kind of equipment will suit your needs. 

Domestic portable power packs/batteries are available from various outlets. We hope you don’t need one but if you do decide to buy one please make sure they have the following specifications: 230V with AC output and accommodate a ROI type G plug. 

These need to be charged but not left on all the time as this will cost more.

Do you have an old-fashioned radio?

One that uses batteries rather than plugging into the power supply?

During bad weather conditions support information is usually broadcast on local radio stations. A battery-operated radio can help you stay updated.


Useful links for information about cost of living payments from the Government. Payments will be dependent on the type of benefits you receive.

Age Action is Ireland's leading advocacy organisation for older people and ageing. .

Family Carer's Ireland  is a registered charity offering a range of support and services to Ireland's family carers. 

HSE Home Support  aims to support older people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and to support informal carers. 

You can download a PDF detailing the power consumption in kwh (kilowatt per hour) of electrical home appliances at

This information is intended for patients who have been prescribed a tube feed by a healthcare professional.

Do you need support?

Contact our team of experts for guidance and support on the use and composition of the Nutricia product range. We are available Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4pm (except Bank Holidays)