Top tips - Meeting nutritional needs for a person with Dysphagia

Having swallowing difficulties can make eating and drinking a chore, don’t miss out on the nutrition you need.

​Part of our Top Tips series for Dysphagia management

It can be difficult to meet your body’s need for good nutrition when you have swallowing difficulties. It may take longer for you to finish a meal and sometimes soft meals are less nutritious than normal meals. If you have been sick it is particularly important to make sure that you eat and drink enough every day. This is important to help prevent unnecessary weight loss and to help regain any weight you may have lost already.

Here is some advice to make getting the nutrition you need little easier:

  • Eat “little and often”. If you have a small appetite, aim to eat small meals and snacks frequently throughout the day, rather than three large meals
  • Try adding extra calories and protein to your foods to make them as nourishing as possible. For example, add whole milk or cream to sauces, soups, desserts and porridge or add extra butter or margarine to vegetables, mashed potato and scrambled eggs
  • You may be recommended to take oral nutritional supplements. These are high in calories, protein and other important nutrients and can help you meet your nutritional requirements.

If you continue to be concerned about your food intake, speak with your Healthcare Professional for further advice and information.