MyNeocate App

MyNeocate gives you the tools and tips you need to help manage your child’s Cow’s Milk Allergy or multiple food protein allergies. 

With the MyNeocate App, you can

  • Keep track of your baby’s sleep, mood, food and drink intake, symptoms and more so you can discover patterns and share this with your doctor or dietitian
  • Create an Allergy Card to share with friends, family and carers, to help them understand your child’s allergy and their nutritional requirements
  • Watch videos and read articles containing lots of information about your Neocate products, weaning and growing up with allergies
  • Filter recipes by allergens so you can tailor your meals to your child’s requirements

The MyNeocate App is for parents of children who have been prescribed a Neocate product by a healthcare professional. Neocate is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision.

You can download the app now from the Apple App Store clicking on the following link:

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