Nutricia’s commitment to nutrition in Dysphagia

At Nutricia we want to improve the lives of patients and carers living with Dysphagia by providing solutions for safe, nutritious and enjoyable meal times.

Nutricia in partnership with Chef's council

Our aim?

Improve patients nutrition through a superior "Food" experience. Nutricia have helped to create the Chefs' Council which is founded on a partnership between Nutricia and The Alícia Foundation.

Why do we want to do it?

Cooking plays a crucial role in improving the meal experience for people with dysphagia. By providing a better food experience we can help ensure better patient outcomes.

How do we do it?

Families, chefs and professional carers are preparing dysphagia meals and drinks all over Europe every day. By harnessing their skill and commitment, sharing and building knowledge, there can be a collective movement towards providing better food experience.

A collective movement towards providing better food and drinks for patients

It’s great for chefs to come together with healthcare professionals, carers and patients and be inspired by them. It shows that it’s not just one person’s responsibility.
Preston Walker, Nutricia Chef, UK

Watch our Chefs in action