Update on Diagnosis and Management of Cow's Milk Allergy in primary care

Dr Helen Evans-Howells, GP with a special interest in allergy, gives an update on the diagnosis and management of Cow's Milk Allergy at The Paediatric Food Allergy Symposium in Birmingham, 24th May 2022.

The session includes:

  • Overview of the challenges faced in primary care diagnosis and management of cow's milk allergy 
  • Overview of current guidelines and recommendations to support primary care in diagnosing and managing food allergy, including iMap and recent updates 
  • How can secondary care support primary care to better diagnose and manage CMA?
Nurse listening a toddler's chest

Run time: 32 minutes

This video is intended for healthcare professionals. The content and opinions expressed within this video are those of the speaker and are not intended to reflect those of Nutricia. The content presented here is not a substitute for the professional judgement of a healthcare professional and Nutricia make no representations or warranties about the accuracy or suitability of information provided or the opinions of the presenter(s).

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