Nutricia homeward service

Nutricia Homeward Service

Supporting you every step of the way

Nutricia Homeward provides support to patients receiving enteral nutrition, their families and their carers. This begins when the patient is ready to be discharged from hospital and continues throughout their time tube feeding at home. 

We want to support patients with a safe and speedy discharge from hospital and ensure that they can confidently manage tube feeding safely at home. Nutricia Homeward also help support healthcare professionals to ensure smooth patient discharge and reassurance that patients and carers have the support they need post discharge. To faciliate this, Nutricia Homeward has a dedicated team of coordinators and a nursing team available.

Nutricia Homeward Nursing Service

Nutricia Homeward provides Nurse Specialists nationwide to support patients as they are discharged from hospital. 

Our nurse specialists

  • Provide pump trainings
  • Carry out a follow-up call post discharge following pump training
  • Carry out a further follow-up call within the first three months following pump training
  • Facilitate any additional pump training that may be required
  • Are available to offer advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our freephone number

Nutricia Homeward coordinators are a dedicated team who

  • Provide a constant point of contact for patients and healthcare professionals
  • Schedule and arrange all pump trainings and arrange discharge support for patients

Additional support

Nutricia Homeward supports patients, their families and their carers as they prepare to leave hospital and settle back into home by providing:

  • Initial supply of enteral nutrition and equipment, sent to the hospital or directly to the patient's home
  • A variety of support literature and materials 
  • 24-hour free phone: Our experts are available 24/7 to answer any questions a patient or carer may have relating to their pump, enteral nutrition or accessories
  • Emergency pump delivery: If at any time a patient requires a replacement pump, Nutricia Homeward will arrange for a new one to be delivered directly to the patient's home. This service is available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Holiday service: Nutricia Homeward can assist, offering advice and support for patients who are planning a holiday

Nutricia Homeward Contact Details

Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland

  • For Northern, Belfast Adult, Western Adult and South Eastern Trust call: 0800 169 5173 (24 hours)
  • For all others Trusts call: 0800 231 5487 (8am to 8pm) or 0800 093 3672 (8pm to 8am)