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Support services

A comprehensive network of support services for professionals and parents.

Our commitment, dedication and experience ensures that we can deliver a bespoke and personal touch of care to all of our patients.

The support services we offer include

  • Educational events
  • Nutricia Resource centre
  • Small Talk
  • Neocate starter packs and recipe books for parents
  • Online advice and support

Nutricia provides a range of educational allergy events that are endorsed by various medical bodies for CPD/CME.

The Nutricia Resource Centre is a dedicated care line for patients and healthcare professionals, staffed by a team of registered dietitians

The Nutricia Resource Centre provides:

  • Valuable educational services and resources
  • Advice on available evidence
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Information on the composition of Nutricia products
  • Guidance on using Nutricia products
  • Cow's Milk Allergy News & Events

Nutricia created its sample service to provide a fast, reliable and hassle free service for samples to be delivered directly to a patient. If you would like to order a product sample to be delivered to a patient, please visit:

This sample service is available to healthcare professionals based in England, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland only. 

‘Small Talk’ newsletter is a quarterly publication that covers a range of paediatric nutrition-related topics, bringing you the latest in topical issues, new research, new products and conference and event listings.

Recipe books and starter packs to help parents of children with CMA.

In partnership with Allergy UK, is a comprehensive educational resource for parents of children with Cow’s Milk Allergy.

Nutricia has launched the MyNeocate App, a unique tool to support parents in managing their child's Cow's Milk Allergy or Multiple Food Protein Allergy. The MyNeocate App includes:

Nutricia has launched the MyNeocate App, a unique tool to support parents in managing their child's Cow's Milk Allergy or Multiple Food Protein Allergy. The MyNeocate App includes:

  • Diary function, where parents can track their child's daily food and drink intake, along with their sleep, mood, nappies, symptoms and growth (both weight and height). These inputs can be used to create graphs and track changes over time.
  • Neocate Recipes, which can be filtered by allergen or by recipe collection.
  • Helpful Tips and Resources, including articles and videos to support parents with understanding Cow's Milk Allergy, weaning and Neocate product preparation.
  • An Allergy Card which allows parents to share information on their child's condition with friends, family and carers easily.

A MyNeocate App leaflet is available for parents, which details the features of the MyNeocate App and how it can be downloaded from the App Store. Please click the link to download the leaflet.

You can download the app now from the Apple App Store.

Do you have a question?

Contact our team of experts for guidance on the use and composition of our product range, for support with queries regarding your Nutricia account and sampling service or to get in touch with your local Nutricia representative. We are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (except Bank Holidays)

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Nutricia offers access to a wide range of support services and resources including:

  • • Our free Sampling Service to order product samples and have them sent to your patients' homes.
  • • A range of CPD accredited e-learning programmes.
  • • Order free paper copies of our support tools for yourself or to use with your patients.
  • • Sign up to receiving marketing communications and be the first to know about our free educational events & webinars, the latest scientific research and product updates.