Toddler diets, where are we now?

"Toddler diets, where are we now?" with Dr Janette Walton, is the ninth podcast episode from Connected by Nutricia. In this episode, Dr Walton shares insights and updates on the toddler diet in Ireland.  

Dr Janette Walton is a senior lecturer in the Dept of Biological Sciences at Munster Technological University and is a principal investigator on the IUNA national dietary surveys in Ireland.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from University College Cork (UCC) in 1993 and then furthered her studies in Food & Nutritional Sciences completing both an MSc and PhD in this area. She has extensive experience in the dietary habits of the Irish population with specific interest in the paediatric population. She is a member of the FSAI sub-committee on Public Health Nutrition and has been a member of several working groups related to dietary guidelines for population groups in Ireland.


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