Who are the Anamix 6?

About... Bones

Bones, a super fun gentle giant... Bones has the longest and strongest arms of all the Anamix 6! He loves adventure parks and climbing and can often be seen hanging upside down from anything you can hang upside down from. However, sometimes Bones forgets to empty his pockets before he does this!

  • Special skills: hopping on one leg while juggling water balloons!
  • Hobbies: doing cartwheels and hanging upside down.
  • Favourite Equipment: extra-soft hairbrush.
  • Favourite game: seek (he is too big to hide).

Bones knows that it is really important to have healthy bones so he can go on exciting adventures all day long! 

About... Brains

Brains: by name and by nature, Brains is the brainiest of the Anamix6. A thoughtful thinker and reliable chum, Brains thinks of all sorts of cool things the Anamix6 can do together, like racing each other to the  Moon on space hoppers! Brains is also a bit of a sporting super star and holds a number of Egg and Spoon race records!

  • Special skills: solving puzzles whilst doing Roly-Polies. Can you?
  • Hobbies: reading, thinking and inventing.
  • Favourite Equipment: thinking cap.
  • Favourite game: who wants to be an Anamixaire? (Brains is everybodies “phone a friend”).

Brains is really clever and he knows that having a healthy brain will help him concentrate in school as well as on fun stuff! 

About... Big Eye

Big Eye: with his amazing eye sight, Big Eye loves to explore. He is the navigator of the group and hovers above the Anamix6 to spot all kinds of exciting things to do. Funny and lovable, Big Eye loves reading joke books but is easily the worst at telling jokes...

Knock, knock; Who’s there?

Egbert; Egbert who? Egbert no bacon!

  • Special skills: seeing things up to 100 miles away!
  • Hobbies: blinking, going on expeditions and collecting souvenirs.
  • Favourite Equipment: his magnifying glass.

Big Eye has healthy eyes and reminds us how important it is to look after our eyes so you can see far, far away.

About... Megabyte

Megabyte: a mega mouth with a mega watt smile Megabyte LOVES to eat and has the strongest white teeth of all the Anamix6. He is very proud of his gnashers which shine when he smiles. Although shorter than the others, Megabyte has a huge appetite for huge things and whips up tasty food with the whiz of a whisk! He knows 100 different ways to make ice cream and is constantly on the lookout for his next tasty nibble.

  • Special skills: culinary wizardry in the Anamix6 kitchen.
  • Hobbies: polishing his teeth and slurping soup.
  • Favourite Equipment: his super charged toothbrush to keep his pearly whites... pearly white.
  • Favourite game: apple bobbing, (he holds the record of 3 apples at once!)

Megabyte knows you must look after your teeth and reminds us to brush our teeth at least twice a day.

About... Omega 3

Omega 3: as one half of the sneakiest dynamic duo - (The Omega Twins) Omega 3 is adventurous and lively, he loves Hide and Seek which Big Eye still always wins. Omega 3 can hide almost anywhere unless his giggling gives him away. Always up to mischief...watch out! Omega 3 is about!

  • Special skills: being a master of disguise.
  • Hobbies: laughing out loud and space hopping.
  • Favourite Equipment: xxtra loud whoopee cushion.
  • Favourite game: sardines. This is “Hide and Seek” but backwards. ( Only one player hides and the other players go hunting individually. When a hunter finds the hiding place, though, instead of announcing it, that player gets into the hiding place too. And so it goes. As each hunter finds the hiding place, the hunter joins the hunted until they are crowded - you guessed it - like sardines. The game goes on until the last hunter finds the sardines ).

About... Omega 6

Omega 6: as one half of the sneakiest dynamic duo - (The Omega Twins) Omega 6 can’t resist plotting practical jokes to play on the rest of the Anamix6, especially Bones! Omega 6 is quick-witted and crafty and is often the mastermind behind the silly jokes The Twins play on the rest of the Anamix6.

  • Special skills: hiding brazil nuts in Bones’ fur.
  • Hobbies: rib tickling and dressing up.
  • Favourite Equipment: his peacock tickling feather.
  • Favourite game: tickle tag (it’s double trouble when both twins tag at once!).

The little Omega Twins show that omega 3 fats and omega 6 fats are important ingredients in your special diet and it is really good to have them around.


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