Online approval of Oral Nutritional Supplements

Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) have shown to be effective in the evidence-based management of disease related malnutrition. Over the years, through constant innovation, Nutricia has developed a unique range of ONS to meet specific nutritional requirements in patients with a range of medical conditions. As our products are tailored to meet specific patient needs, the majority of ONS should not be considered as interchangeable.

Online approval of Oral Nutritional Supplements

Download the list of Nutricia ONS products which do and do not need approval

We have been made aware that from the 1st of July 2019, the HSE has introduced changes to the way that some standard ONS are reimbursed on the medical card or drugs payment scheme card. All products will still be available after this date; however, some may require online approval by your patients’ GP going forward. If online approval is required for a product, this needs to be completed once every 6 months.

What does this mean for your patients?

We have received a number of calls requesting clarity on this system and so we would like to confirm which products from the Nutricia range require on-line approval, those on ‘List B’ as communicated by the HSE, and which products don’t require on-line approval. We have also included this list to download above if you wish to print it for ongoing reference. 

 Nutricia Products that DO NOT require approval via online reimbursement system

Fortisip Compact Protein 125ml

Fortisip Compact 125ml

Fortisip Compact Fibre 125ml 

Cubitan 200ml

Calogen 200ml/500ml 

Fortisip Extra 200ml

Diasip 200ml

Renilon 7.5 125ml

Adult Oral Nutritional Supplements

Forticare 125ml

Respifor 125ml

Elemental 028 Extra 250ml/100g sachet

Complan Shake 57g sachet

Modular range (Polycal, Protifar, Super Soluble Duocal, Super Soluble Maxijul)

Nutilis Clear and Nutilis Powder

Nutilis Complete Level 3 (Old Stage 1) 125ml

Adult Tube feeds (Nutrison range & specialised Nutrison Advanced Formula)

Infant & Paediatric Feeds

Paediatric ONS and tube feeds (Nutrini, Fortini and Tentrini range)

Infatrini range


Nutricia Products that DO require approval via online reimbursement system i.e. those on 'List B'
Adult Oral Nutritional Supplements

Fortisip 200ml

Fortisip Yoghurt Style 200ml

Nutrison Energy Multi Fibre 200ml

Fortisip 2Kcal 200ml

Fortijuce 200ml

Forticreme Complete 125g

Nutilis Fruit Level 4 (Old Stage 3) 150g

Scandishake 85g

If the product requires online approval, the prescription approval is valid for up to a 6-month period. 

If the product does not require online approval, it can be prescribed in the usual way.  

The PCRS communicated the following to stakeholders;

“You are reminded that prior approval for reimbursement under GMS and Community Drug Schemes does not apply to any other clinical nutritional product outside of List B.”  

Anne Marie Hoey, Primary Care Reimbursement and Eligibility, June 2019

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