IDDSI Level 4 Pureed Food Recipes for Dysphagia

Nutricia have created a range of IDDSI level 4 meal preparation videos with dysphagia chef Niamh Condon. The video library also contains an IDDSI level 3 to 7 thickening video. These videos have been created for people living with dysphagia along with their carers or chefs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These recipes are intended for patients, and carers of patients, who have been prescribed Nutilis Clear by a healthcare professional. Nutilis Clear is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of dysphagia and must be used under medical supervision. Please be aware that blending hot foods can be dangerous. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your blender is suitable for processing hot foods and follow their instructions for safe blending. Accurate at time of production August 2020. Videos are designed as a guide only. All food tests should be conducted in line with guidance from the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative. The information provided does not replace the advice and supervision of a doctor, speech and language therapist or dietitian. Always speak to a healthcare professional first before making any changes to your diet.


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